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 By :  Siti Maryam, S.Pd

        Are you familiar with this genre of text? Have you ever written it? Well, We will give you an example about descriptive text. But, before reading this text, it will be better if you read the explanation first.

            Descriptive Text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.


Purpose of Descriptive text

  • To describe person, thing or place in specific
  • To describe a particular person, thing or place.


Language Feature of Descriptive Text

  • Specific participant : has a certain object, is not common and unique (only one). for example: Bandengan beach, my house, Borobudur temple, uncle Jim
  • The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun, for example: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place in jepara, etc.
  • The use of simple present tense: The sentence pattern used is simple present because it tells the fact of the object described.
  • Action verb: verbs that show an activity (for example, run, sleep, walk, cut etc.



Source: http://britishcourse.com/descriptive-text-definition-generic-structures-purposes-language-features.php#:~:text=Descriptive%20Text%20is%20a%20text,person%2C%20place%2C%20or%20thing.&text=Most%20descriptive%20text%20is%20about,it%20to%20make%20descriptive%20text.













Example of Descriptive Text






            I have my ideal bedroom in my mind. It has name characteristics that describes me. My ideal bedroom has good enough size. It is not big, nor it is small.  It is about 3 meters x 4 meters. The bed size is about 160 cm x 200 cm. The material is from strong wood. It has crown bed with slight curtain. The colours is soft blue. I put warm bed sheet. The pattern is flower. There are two pillows and one boolster. The colour of my bedroom wall is light blue. It gives fresh trace and makes good lighting. There is a small table next to the bed. I put some stuffs on that table. There is also a big white wooden cupboard beside the bed. I put a mirror and make up table near the cupboard. There is an air conditioning on the wall, so it will refresh the room. I imagine my bedroom is located near from a small garden. It has a big window beside the bed, so I can see sunlight. I can smell petrichor when the rain comes from the window. I also hear bird sound in the morning and enjoy the fresh air.

            My ideal bedroom has good interior design. I put lamp in the center of the ceiling. The light is bright, yet it is still comfortable. I also put some small dim lights in the wall. When I go to bed, I will turn on the dim lights and turn off the bright lamp. There are two hanging shabbychic racks on the wall. They are small, yet they are strong. I put some artificial flowers and frame there. I also put some my favorite novels, for I like reading novel. On the floor of my bedroom, I put a soft carpet. It is about 150 x 100 x 3 cm. The colour is blue and the material is from rasfur. To make my bedroom smells good, I put fragnance pocket on the air conditioning. When I feel tired, I lay down my body to the bed and smell the fragnance.

            My ideal bedroom has to be comfortable for me. It has not too big, yet it can fullfill my needs. The interior has to be beautiful and increase my good mood.




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